Daniel, You're Still a Child - Declan McKenna

Thunder Transposer
G  F  G  F 

G           F                   G
Daniel, you did it, you made me cry
                      F                    G
You spent ten days in bed when I asked you why
              F                      G
And requested my whereabouts through tweets
                         F                                G
Darling, why do you bury yourself in sheets? Well, I told you
                      F              G
There's unrest in the House of Lords
Written on sandwich boards
G                           F
Outside the shop where they sell your favourite drink
               G                  C                 
So what do you think you're doing telling people lies?
F                               Am
The hope's going like Christmas pies
         G                F
But it's never gonna stop you turning pink
Dm          C            G
Daniel, you know it, you wanted to
       F                 Am       G
Find a place on your own like you always do
Dm  C   G
I'....d bear in mind
Dm             C       G     F  G  F
Daniel, you're still a child
G                 F
Daniel's gone running, the trail's gone cold
            G                 F
You've been acting quite strangely since ten years old
         G           F
And when you were eleven
                         G            F
They said, "You ought to pray to high heaven you don't get caught"
Dm                  C          G
Well, Daniel, don't worry, you won't be missed
             F            Am        G
You'll spend ten years in prison to pay for this
  Dm  C        G
A....h,     is it all worthwhile?
F              Am      G   F  
Daniel, you're still a child

Dm  C  G  F  C  F

You got a death wish, child
Four cans of pesticide to drink
4:30 Western Time
The boy's been arrested, why do you think?

G  Am  Dm 
G  F  Fm  Dm  C
G  F  Gm  A  F  G  F  G

G                            F
Daniel, you're still a child
G              F       G   F  G  F  
Daniel, you're still a child
What is wrong with Daniel, he's no fun
               F    C                F
You just wait 'till Daniel hurts someone
C                     A  
Daniel, you're a weirdo, what the hell?
                    G            F       
You just wait 'till Daniel hurts himself
Thunder Transposer