The Devil I Know - Jimmy Buffett

Thunder Transposer
G  G  A  G

Three in the morning came without a warning
C                             G
Wound up with some old buccaneers
         C                           G
Tellin' lies about the time I won the Nobel Prize
D                        G
Guess who bought all the beers
Well, you'd think I'd have tamed my old dragons by now
C                               G
I've always tried to be a good scout
     C                       G
But every now and then they come swoopin' in
         D                      G
Saying, "Bubba, it's time to go out"
         C                    G
Now it's fun to wake up in a strange chateau
       D                        G
After racing 'round Paris in a Deux Chevaux
    C                      G               Em
My wingman's crashing but I'm not flying solo
       C                 G             D
'Cause he traded places with the devil I know
F        G     F       G
Devil I know, devil I know
Well, life can be confusing but things need excusin'
    C                           G
To separate the turns from the twists
     C                        G
If I had a Richter scale for spouting forked tales
     D                         G
We'd all be high on that shit list
Well, the hitch to living hard is when you drop your guard
         C                      G
And wind up in a headline or a cell
      C                     G
Then compromise, or worse, apologize
 D                               G
Welcome to the world of sinkin' spells
C                         G
Messing with my mind was fun at the time
D                        G
Tossing to and fro in a tricky undertow
C                        G               Em
Deviants and derelicts, lurking high and low
C                        D       G
Ridin' shotgun with the devil I know
F        G     F       G
Devil I know, devil I know
Let's go ridin', devil

C  C  C  G  C
C  C  C  G  C

C           D                 G
There were times, there were places
    D               G
We played near and far
         Bm         Em                     G
From the old Anchor Inn to the Suez Canal bar
         Bm            E
From the Kraken to Manhattan
Bm                   E
Le Select to Old Saigon
Mojitos in Havana
C              D
Timbuktu 'til dawn
Three in the mornin', feral cats are yawnin'
C                        G
Full moon sinking in the bay
      C                    G
Spoonbills in flight, oh, what a sight
      D                 G
As I sip on my café au lait 
Well, the birds got me thinkin' 'bout going day drinkin'
   C                      G
A hall pass to be the old me
       C                         G
Don't need hops and barley to throw a little party
     D                  G
Señorita, una mas iced tea
            C                      G
Hell, it's fun to go fishing on a new slack tide
D                       G
Wake up living life on the flip side
      C                               G                    Em
Them dragons ain't gone, but they're fading like an old tattoo
         C              G              D        G
Lots of mystery in the history of the devils I knew
F        G      F       G
Devils I knew, devils I knew